English Equivalents of Malayalam Proverbs and Sayings

Proverbs always reflect the life-style, culture, and manners of the people who create and use them. They offer timeless wisdom gleaned through the ages. Judicious use of proverbs can also add charm to speech and writing. The interesting thing about proverbs is that they are almost similar in all languages. Human life everywhere is basically

Adjectives from Nouns and Verbs

Adjectives can be formed from nouns and verbs in English by adding a suitable suffix. For example the adjectival form of ‘joy’ can be formed by adding the suffix ‘ful’ to it. Thus it becomes ‘joyful’. Sometimes it can be a little harder when we have to remove a few letters and then add a

Learn English Fast with Fluency Phrases

Fluency phrases are the most repeated expressions in a language. It is a well known fact that fluency in speaking English can be achieved by practicing fluency phrases. Simply repeating fluency phrases many times with proper intonation and feeling will help anyone learn English fast. Go through the following list of fluency phrases and learn

Phrases and Collocations for Fluent English

How to speak fluent English? Everyone wants to know. The truth is that speaking fluent English depends so much on a familiarity with the oft-used phrases and collocations in English. The saddest thing is that such a familiarity can be achieved only through extensive reading. But what if you want to learn these phrases and

Latin Phrases, Proverbs, Quotations and Mottoes

Latin phrases, proverbs, and quotations have had a great influence on English thought, speech and literature. Even though Latin words had already crept into the language of the Anglo-Saxons, it was the Christian missionaries who established Latin in Britain as a language of learning. At first these Latin phrases, proverbs, and quotations tended to be

Common Similes and Striking Comparisons

Common Similes and Striking Comparisons can make your speech and writing poetic. If you have the ability to find similarity in quite dissimilar things, you may easily become a great poet. Poetry always depends on similes and metaphors to give wings to imagination. Even if you are not a poet, the use of similes and

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