Fluency phrases are the most repeated expressions in a language. It is a well known fact that fluency in speaking English can be achieved by practicing fluency phrases. Simply repeating fluency phrases many times with proper intonation and feeling will help anyone learn English fast.

Go through the following list of fluency phrases and learn English fast by repeating them.

Fluency Phrases
A good idea
A good job
A good reason
A good thought
A long way to go
A lot of energy
A second later
A simple story
A special day
A very important person
Across the street
Across the town
Add it up.
After the game
Against all odds
All day long
All or some
All systems are go.
Almost enough
Along the way
Among my family
An important idea
Answer my questions.
Answer the phone.
Anything can happen
Anything you want
Are you sure?
Around the clock
At your house
Back off.
Because we should
Between the lines
Big and small
Black and blue
Bring it here
But not for me
But not me
Can you see?
Change your clothes.
Check the facts
Close the door.
Cold and hungry
Come and get it.
Could you go?
Did you like it?
Did you see it?
Didn’t I tell you?
Do it often.
Don’t fall down.
Don’t open the door.
Drive to the west.
During the war
Each of us
Early in the morning
Ever since I knew him
Explain it carefully
Follow the pattern.
For example
From here to there
From my room
Full of energy
Get on the bus.
Get to the point.
Give it away.
Give it back.
Give them to me.
Go down.
Go figure.
Go find her.
Go past the church
Go the distance.
Gone with the wind
Good and plenty
Good morning!
Good afternoon!
Good night!
Good bye!
Good things
Hand it over.
Have you seen them?
He called me.
He covered himself.
He decided quickly.
He developed a rash.
He discovered a cure.
He has it.
He stood his ground.
Heart and mind
Help me out.
Hold fast.
Home sweet home
How did they get it?
How long are they?
How much is it?
However you like it
I am fine.
I believe in you.
I believe you.
I can’t do it.
I cannot do this.
I cut myself
I don’t feel well.
I feel better
I heard the music.
I know why.
I like him.
I love the flowers.
I love to dance.
I miss you.
I need help.
I noticed the fire.
I object to that
I reached the top.
I suddenly felt ill.
I think so.
I told you.
I took the car.
I understand now.
I wish it were summer.
I work too much.
I’ll draw a picture
I’ll probably return.
I’ll remember you.
I’ll wait till nine.
I’m low on money.
In my direction
In my head
In the beginning
In the country
In the distance
In two months
Include me in the picture
Is it really true?
It became clear
It began to grow.
It doesn’t matter
It happened yesterday.
It kept my interest.
It made the difference.
It may fall down.
It never happened.
It passed quickly.
It probably will happen.
It seemed too good.
It turned out well.
It’'s a small world.
It’'s about time.
It’'s been a long time
It’'s finally over.
It’'s half done.
It’'s hard to open.
It’'s my life
It’'s no use.
It'’s only me.
It'’s still there.
It’s time to eat.
It’s your place.
Just the same
Keep it up.
Kind of nice
Lay on your side.
Leave it to me.
Less than a week
Let me carry it.
Light the fire.
Listen to your friends
Look for some people.
Look up.
May I go first?
Meet me here.
More than the other
Move over.
My arms and legs
My family
My feet hurt.
My friends knew.
My last name
My new place
My oldest brother
Near the car
Next time
Next to me
No problem
No way
Not now
Not yet.
Nothing is final.
Now and then
Now is the time.
Oh boy.
On my side
Once upon a time
One more time
One or two
Only a little
Our best things
Over the river
Part of the time
Pay the bill.
Perhaps we should.
Play it again.
Point it out.
Put it there.
Read my letters.
Read the book.
Read the note.
Read the paper.
Read your book.
Remember my order
Right now
Same time tomorrow
Set it up.
Several friends
Shall we go?
She finished first.
She has to go.
Show us around.
Sign your name here.
Sing to the music.
Sing your song.
Sit down.
Sit on the wall.
Six months ago
So far so good
So there you are.
Something good
South of town
Spell your name.
Stand in the room
State your case.
Stay a while.
Stay on the boat.
Step carefully.
Such a mess
Take a little
Take care
Talk to my father.
Tell the truth.
Ten more minutes
That’s very good
The air is warm.
The answer is yes.
The blue sky
The facts are known.
The first day of school
The first word
The following day
The light in your eyes
The long list
The main difference
The men asked for help.
The other people
The people
The place was warm.
The problem was easy.
The rest of the people
The rules of government
The shape of things
The stars came out.
The test was hard.
The whole piece
The whole thing
Then we will go.
There was an old man.
They went here.
Think before you act.
Think quickly
This is a good day.
This is my cat.
This must be it.
Those other people
Though it is now over.
Thousands of years ago
Three years ago
Through the line
Today was better.
Too soon
Toward morning
Train your mind.
Travel slowly
Tried and true
Try your best.
Turn the page.
Twenty-four hours a day
Two of us
Until the end
Up in the air
Usually I am right
Walk slowly.
Watch the game.
We came home.
We cannot lose.
We cried for hours.
We found it here.
We got together
We left it here.
We like to write.
We need more space.
We need more.
We want to go.
We were here.
We’re in hot water.
What are these?
What did it contain?
What did they say?
What happened first?
What will they do?
What’s the difference?
When did they go?
When will we go?
When would you go?
Where are you?
Where does it end?
Where in the world
Whether or not
Which way?
Who will make it?
Will it last?
Will you be good?
Without a care
Write it down.
Write your name.
You and I
You might be right.
You must be right.

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