Common Similes and Striking Comparisons can make your speech and writing poetic. If you have the ability to find similarity in quite dissimilar things, you may easily become a great poet. Poetry always depends on similes and metaphors to give wings to imagination. Even if you are not a poet, the use of similes and comparisons will surely add to the beauty and charm of your speech and writing. But these devices, just like idioms, are to be used once in a while. Otherwise your English may appear bombastic and clumsy.

Here is a list of the most common similes in English.

activeAs active as quicksilver
afraidAs afraid as a grasshopper
agelessAs ageless as the sun
agileAs agile as a cat, as a monkey
alikeAs alike as two beans, as two peas
ambitiousAs ambitious as the devil, as Lady Macbeth
aridAs arid as the sands of the Sahara
baldAs bald as a badger, as a billiard ball, as a coot, as an egg
bashfulAs bashful as a schoolgirl
beautifulAs beautiful as a rainbow, as the sunset
bigAs big as an elephant, as a whale
bitterAs bitter as gall, as wormwood
blackAs black as coal, as a crow, as ebony, as ink, as jet, as midnight, as pitch, as a raven, as soot, as thunder
blindAs blind as a bat, as a beetle, as a mole
blitheAs blithe as a bee, as a butterfly, as a lark, as May
blueAs blue as indigo, as the sky
bluntAs blunt as the back of a knife
boldAs bold as brass, as lion
boundlessAs boundless as the ocean
bounteousAs bounteous as nature
brainlessAs brainless as a chimpanzee
braveAs brave as Achilles, as a lion
briefAs brief as a dream, as time
brightAs bright as a button, as day, as the light, as a new pin, as silver
brittleAs brittle as glass
brownAs brown as a berry
busyAs busy as a bee
cautiousAs cautious as a fox, as a Scot
changeableAs changeable as the moon, as a weather-cock
cheapAs cheap as dirt
cheerfulAs cheerful as the birds, as a lark
cleanAs clean as a Dutch oven, as a new pin
clearAs clear as crystal, as daylight, as noonday
clumsyAs clumsy as a bear
coldAs cold as charity, as a frog, as ice, as marble, as a stone
commonAs common as dirt, as pins
complacentAs complacent as a cat
coolAs cool as a cucumber
cosyAs cosy as a bird's nest
countlessAs countless as the desert sands, as the stars
craftyAs crafty as a fox
credulousAs credulous as a child
crispAs crisp as new bank notes
crookedAs crooked as a cockscrew
crossAs cross as two sticks
cruelAs cruel as death, as Media, as winter
cunningAs cunning as a fox
curiousAs curious as a fish
darkAs dark as a dungeon, as midnight, as pitch
deadAs dead as a door-nail, as a herring, as mutton
deafAs deaf as a beetle, as a post
deceitfulAs deceitful as the devil
deceptiveAs deceptive as the mirage of the desert
deepAs deep as the ocean, as a well
desolateAs desolate as a tomb
devotedAs devoted as a faithful dog
dirtyAs dirty as ditch-water
distantAs distant as the horizon
drunkAs drunk as a fiddler, as a fish, as a lord
dryAs dry as a biscuit, as a bone, as dust, as a mummy, as a stick
dullAs dull as ditch-water
dumbAs dumb as a mouse, as an oyster, as a statue
eagerAs eager as a bridegroom
easyAs easy as ABC, as lying
eloquentAs eloquent as Cicero
elusiveAs elusive as quicksilver
emptyAs empty as space
fairAs fair as the moon, as a rose
faithfulAs faithful as a dog
falseAs false as a dice, as a Scot
famishedAs famished as a wolf
fastAs fast as a hare, as light
fatAs fat as Big Ben, as butter, as a pig
fickleAs fickle as the weather
fidgetyAs fidgety as an old man
fierceAs fierce as a tiger
firmAs firm as adamant, as faith, as a rock, as steel
fitAs fit as a fiddle
flatAs flat as a billiard table, as a board, as a pan-cake
fleetAs fleet as a deer
foolishAs foolish as a calf
freeAs free as the air, as a bird
freshAs fresh as a daisy, as dew, as a rose
friskyAs frisky as an unbroken colt
garrulousAs garrulous as a magpie
gaudyAs gaudy as a butterfly, as a peacock
gayAs gay as a lark
generousAs generous as a lord
genialAs genial as sunshine
gentleAs gentle as a dove, as a fawn, as a lamb
gloomyAs gloomy as night
gloriousAs glorious as the sun
goodAs good as gold, as a play
gracefulAs graceful as a swan
graciousAs gracious as the moon
graspingAs grasping as a miser
graveAs grave as a judge
greatAs great as a lord
greedyAs greedy as a dog, as a hog, as a wolf
greenAs green as grass
greyAs grey as smoke, as time
grimAs grim as death, as hell
gruffAs gruff as a bear
happyAs happy as a child, as a king, as a lark, as a lord
hardAs hard as flint, as granite, as marble, as nails
harmlessAs harmless as a baby, as a dove
hatefulAs hateful as death, as hell
haughtyAs haughty as the devil
heavyAs heavy as lead, as sand
helplessAs helpless as a baby
highAs high as heaven, as the stars
hoarseAs hoarse as a crow, as a raven
hollowAs hollow as a dream
hopefulAs hopeful as the break of day
hotAs hot as fire, as molten lead, as pepper
hungryAs hungry as a church mouse, as a horse, as a hunter, as a wolf
hushedAs hushed as midnight
ignorantAs ignorant as a child
illimitableAs illimitable as the boundless ocean
illusiveAs illusive as a dream
immenseAs immense as the ocean, as the sea
immortalAs immortal as the stars
impatientAs impatient as a lover
imperishableAs imperishable as eternity
inconstantAs inconstant as the moon, as the waves
industriousAs industrious as an ant
inevitableAs inevitable as death
inexhaustibleAs inexhaustible as the deep sea
invisibleAs invisible as the air
innocentAs innocent as a baby, as a dove, as a lamb
jealousAs jealous as a cat
joyousAs joyous as the laughter of a child
keenAs keen as mustard, as a razor
largeAs large as life
lastingAs lasting as the pyramids
lazyAs lazy as a toad
leanAs lean as Sancho's ass, as a skeleton
lightAs light as air, as a butterfly, as a feather
livelyAs lively as a cricket
loathsomeAs loathsome as a toad
loudAs loud as thunder
madAs mad as a hatter, as a March hare
magnanimousAs magnanimous as Agamemnon
maliciousAs malicious as satan
meanAs mean as a miser
meekAs meek as a dove, as a lamb, as Moses
mercilessAs merciless as the grave
merryAs merry as a cricket, as a grig, as a lark, as a sandboy (drunk), as spring
mischievousAs mischievous as a kitten, as a monkey
modestAs modest as a dove, as a primrose
motionlessAs motionless as a corpse
mournfulAs mournful as the grave
muteAs mute as a fish, as mice, as the tomb
mysteriousAs mysterious as an echo
naturalAs natural as life
newAs new as day
nimbleAs nimble as a bee, as a lizard
noiselessAs noiseless as a shadow
numerousAs numerous as the sands upon the shore
obstinateAs obstinate as a mule, as a donkey
oldAs old as creation, as the hills, as Methuselah
openAs open as a smile
oppositeAs opposite as the poles
paleAs pale as death, as a ghost
passionateAs passionate as young love
patientAs patient as Job, as an ox
peacefulAs peaceful as sleep
persistentAs persistent as a mosquito
piercingAs piercing as light
plainAs plain as a pikestaff
playfulAs playful as a kitten, as a rabbit, as a squirrel
pleasedAs pleased as Punch
plentifulAs plentiful as blackberries
plumpAs plump as a partridge
poorAs poor as Job, as a church mouse
powerfulAs powerful as death, as a lion
powerlessAs powerless as an infant
prettyAs pretty as a picture
progressiveAs progressive as time
proudAs proud as Lucifer, as a peacock
pureAs pure as a lily
quickAs quick as a flash, as lightning, as thought
quietAs quiet as a lamb, as a mouse
raggedAs ragged as Lazarus
rapidAs rapid as lightning
redAs red as beetroot, as blood, as a cherry, as crimson, as fire, as a rose, as scarlet
regularAs regular as a clock, as clockwork, as sunrise
richAs rich as Croesus, as a Jew
rightAs right as rain
ripeAs ripe as a cherry
roundAs round as a ball, as a globe
ruthlessAs ruthless as the sea
sacredAs sacred as a shrine
safeAs safe as a house
secretAs secret as thought
selfishAs selfish as a fox
sensitiveAs sensitive as a compass needle, as a flower
shallowAs shallow as a pan
shapelessAs shapeless as an old shoe
sharpAs sharp as a needle, as a razor
sickAs sick as a dog
silentAs silent as the dead, as the grave, as the stars, as thought
sillyAs silly as a goose, as a sheep
simpleAs simple as ABC
sleekAs sleek as a mouse
slenderAs slender as a thread, as gossamer
slipperyAs slippery as an eel, as ice, as a serpent,
slowAs slow as a snail
slyAs sly as a fox
smoothAs smooth as butter, as glass, as ice, as oil, as velvet
snugAs snug as a bug in a rug
soberAs sober as a judge
softAs soft as butter, as down, as fur, as silk, as velvet, as wax, as wool
solidAs solid as bricks
solitaryAs solitary as a tomb
soundAs sound as a bell
sourAs sour as lime, as vinegar
speechlessAs speechless as a stone
spinelessAs spineless as a jelly fish
spitefulAs spiteful as a monkey
spotlessAs spotless as snow
statelyAs stately as an oak, as a queen
steadfastAs steadfast as the sun
steadyAs steady as a rock
stealthyAs stealthy as a cat, as a thief
stiffAs stiff as a poker, as a ram-rod
stillAs still as death, as the grave, as a log, as a statue
straightAs straight as a candle, as a lance, as the steel of a gun
strangeAs strange as a vision
strongAs strong as Hercules, as a horse, as a lion, as Samson
stubbornAs stubborn as a mule
stupidAs stupid as an ass, as a donkey, as a log, as a post
suddenAs sudden as lightning
sulkyAs sulky as a bear
superstitiousAs superstitious as sailors
suppleAs supple as a snake
sureAs sure as death, as fate, as a gun, as sunrise
surlyAs surly as a bear
suspiciousAs suspicious as a cat
sweetAs sweet as honey, as a rose, as sugar
swiftAs swift as an arrow, as lightning, as thought, as the wind
talkativeAs talkative as as a magpie
tallAs tall as a maypole, as a steeple
tameAs tame as a cat, as a hare, as a sheep
tenderAs tender as a bud, a chicken, as a lamb
thickAs thick as a cable
thinAs thin as a lath, as a rake, as a wafer
tightAs tight as a drum head
timidAs timid as a hare, as a mouse
toughAs tough as leather, as nails
tranquilAs tranquil as the summer sea
transientAs transient as lightning
transparentAs transparent as glass
treacherousAs treacherous as the memory
trickyAs tricky as an ape, as a monkey
troublesomeAs troublesome as a monkey
trueAs true as the Gospel, as steel
uglyAs ugly as a scarecrow, as sin, as a toad
unattractiveAs unattractive as a gargoyle
uncertainAs uncertain as the weather, as the wind
unchangeableAs unchangeable as the past
uncomplainingAs uncomplaining as a lamb
uncompromisingAs uncompromising as justice
unmercifulAs unmerciful as the billows
unrealAs unreal as a dream
unstableAs unstable as water
uprightAs upright as a tower
usefulAs useful as a cow
vagueAs vague as a shadow
vainAs vain as a peacock
variableAs variable as the weather
venomousAs venomous as a snake
vigilantAs vigilant as the stars
voraciousAs voracious as a camel
warmAs warm as sunbeams, as toast, as wool
waryAs wary as a fox
wastefulAs wasteful as a hen
watchfulAs watchful as a hawk, as a sentinel
weakAs weak as a baby, as a kitten, as a rat, as a reed, as water
wetAs wet as a fish, as a drowned rat
whiteAs white as snow, as a sheet, as wool
wilyAs wily as a fox
wiseAs wise as a serpent, as Solomon
yellowAs yellow as a guinea, as saffron
yieldingAs yielding as wax
youngAs young as dawn, as the morn
zig-zagAs zig-zag as lightning
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