Proverbs always reflect the life-style, culture, and manners of the people who create and use them. They offer timeless wisdom gleaned through the ages. Judicious use of proverbs can also add charm to speech and writing.

The interesting thing about proverbs is that they are almost similar in all languages. Human life everywhere is basically the same, and so are proverbs. You may find this universal nature of proverbs quite amusing if you go through the following list of English equivalents of Malayalam proverbs and sayings. Search in English or Malayalam to find the corresponding proverb with a similar meaning.

English EquivalentMalayalam Proverb
Care will kill a cat; yet there is no living without it.Aadhi thanne vyaadhi.
Be slow to promise, but quick to perform.Aana kodukkilum aasha kodukkaruthu.
Stretch your legs according to your coverlet.Aana vaa polikkunnathu kandu annaan vaa polikkaruthu.
Fear not the loss of the bell more than the loss of the steeple.Aana vaayil ampazhanga pole.
Three may keep counsel, if two be away.Aariya kanji pazhamkanji.
Every potter praises his own pot and more if it be broken.Aarkkaanum kodutha vasthrathinu eederum.
A contented mind is a continual feast. / Content is more than a kingdom. / He is not poor that hath not much, but he that craves much. / He is rich that is satisfied.Aasha theernnaal sampathaayi.
Measure is a treasure.Aattil kalanjaalum alannu kalayanam.
Fair words butter no parsnips. / Fair words do not fill the bushel. / Promises will not help the needy. / Talking pays no toll. / Words don't fill the belly.Aayiram mangakku ara poolu thenga.
Look before you leap, for snakes among sweet flowers do creep.Aazham ariyaathidathu kaalu vaykkaruthu.
Great ships require deep waters.Aazhamulla kuzhikku neelamulla vadi.
Practice makes perfect.Abhyasichaal aanaye edukkaam
When the cat's gone, the mice grow saucy. / When the cat is away, the mice will play.Achanukku achan varumbol kochachan pariyathu.
As the old cock crows, so crows the young. / The young cook crows as he heard the old one. / The young pig grunts like the old sow.Achi kudichathey kutti kudikkoo.
He is pleased with gourds and his wife with cucumbers.Achikku konchu paksham nairkku inchi paksham.
A closed mouth catcheth no flies.Adacha vaayil eecha kayarukayilla.
Gossiping and lying go together. / He that tells all he knows will also tell what he does not know.Adhikam parayunnavan kalavum parayum.
Birchen twigs break no ribs.Adi cheyyum upakaaram annan thambi ariyukayilla.
Give a child his will and whelp his fill and neither will thrive. / It is the raised stick that makes the god obey. / Spare the rod and spoil the child.Adi kondu valarnna kuttiyum adachu veppicha kashaayavum orupole.
Little strokes fell great oaks.Adi mel adichaal ammiyum podiyum.
If mountain will not come to Mahomet, Mahomet will go to the mountain.Adicha vazhiye poyillenkil poaya vazhiye adikkanam.
Flattery sits in the parlour, when pain dealing is kicked out of doors.Adukku parayunnavanu anjaazhi muttan vettunnavanu munnaazhi.
He that is down, down with him, cries the world.Akappettal panni churakka
A fair face may hide a foul heart. / All are not saints that go to church. / All saint without, all devil within. / Beads about the neck and the devil in the heart. / God in his toungue and the devil in his heart.Akathu kathiyum purathu pathiyum
A clear conscience laughs at false accusations.Akkare mavilon keni vachittu ennodo koora kannu mizhikkunnu.
Distance lends enchantment to the view. / Far-away cows have long horns. / The hills look green that are far away.Akkare nikkumbol ikkare pacha ikkare nilkkumbol akkare pacha
One does the scath and another has the scorn. / One doth the blame, another bears the shame.Akkare ninnavan thoni urutti
Even an emmet may seek revenge. / Tread on a worm and it will turn.Ala muttiyaal cherayum kadikkum.
Beggars mounted run their horses to death.Alpanu artham kittiyaal ardharaathrikkum kuda pidikkum.
No man is a hero to his own valet.Ambalathile poocha devare pedikkumo?
As the crow is, the egg will be. / As the seed, so the sprout. / LIke father, like son.Amma pulayaadichiyenkil makalum pulayaadichi.
Crocodile's tears.Ammaaviyamma chathittu marumakalude karachil.
Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are a tempest and hailstorm.Ammaayi udachathu manchatti, marumakal udachathu ponchatti.
Avarice generally miscalculates and as generally deceives.Amsathil adhikam eduthaal aakaasam polinju thalayil veezhum.
No weeping over shed milk.Ana kadanna vellam nokki alachaalum thiriyaathu.
A burnt child dreads the fire. / He that hath been bitten by a serpent is afraid of a rope.Anacha vellathil chaadiya poocha pacha vellam kandaal arakkum.
Whom a serpent has bitten, a lizard alarms.Anacha vellathil chaadiya poocha pacha vellam kandaalum pedikkum.
A full purse never lacks friends. / Poverty parts friends.Ancheruma karakkunnathu ayal ariyum, kanji vaarthu unnunnathu nenju ariyum.
He is making ropes of sand.Angilla ponginte ver kilakkuka.
Call not a surgeon before you are wounded. / He is miserable once who feels it but twice who fears it before it comes. / Never antedate your misfortunes, for that is to aggravate them.Angunnengaan vellam ozhukunnathinu ingunnu cheruppazhikkanamo?
Faint hert never won fair lady. / Fortune favours the brave. / Nothing venture, nothing have.Anirveda prapyaani shreyaamsi.
To kill two birds with one stone.Ankavum kaanaam thaaliyum odikkaam.
He that will not look before him, will have to look behind him. / Some do first, think afterwards, and repent for ever. / Think twice before you speak.Anna vicharam munna vicharam, pinne vicharam karya vicharam.
Don't teach fishes to swim.Annaan kunjine maram kayattam padippikkanamo?
Every little helps.Annaan kunjum thannaal aayathu.
A gift with the kind countenance, is a double gift.Annannu vettunna vaalinu neyyiduka.
Defer not till the evening what the morning may accomplish. / Defer not till tomorrow what may be done today.Annu theera pani kondu anthiyakkaruth.
An obstinate heart shall be laden with sorrow.Anpattaal thumapattu
A civil denial is better than a rude grant. / He doubles his gift who gives in time. / He giveth twice that gives in a trice.Anpodu koduthaal amruthu.
Modesty is the handmaid of heroism.Anuthseka ghalu vikramalankara.
Great events spring from little causes. / Trifles lead to serious matters.Ara kaasu kondu undaaya anartham aayiram koduthaalum theerumo.
Deep rivers move in silence, shallow brooks are noisy. / Empty vessels give the greatest sound. / Shallow brooks are noisy. / Still waters run deep.Ara kudam thulumbum, nirakudam thulumbukayilla.
God cometh with leaden feet but striketh with iron hands. / Punishment is lame but it comes.Arachanannu kelkkum daivam ninnu kelkkum.
A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. / Better have an egg today than a hen tomorrow. / Never quit certainty for hope.Arachane kothichu purushane vedinjavalkku arachanumilla purushanumilla.
All commend patience but none can endure to suffer.Arachu tharuvaan palarundu, kudippaan thaneyulloo.
Go into the country to know what news there is in town. / Walls have ears. / You must go into the country to hear what news in London.Aramana rahasyam angaadeel parasyam.
Diamonds cut diamonds.Aravum aravum kinnaram.
Farfetched and dear bought is good for ladies.Arikathullathil moham illallo.
Attempt not to fly like an eagle with the wings of a wren.Arimani onnu korikkaanilla, tharivala ittu kilukkaan moham.
I am taking of hay and you of horse-beans. / I talk of chalk and you of cheese.Ariyethra? Payaranjaazhi.
Penny wise and pound foolish.Ariyittum vachu umikku pinanguka.
Offenders never pardon.Ariyum thinnu aasaarichiyeyum kadichu, pinneyum naayakku murumurupp.
Anxiety attends increase of wealth. / Much coin, much care. / The love of money is the root of all evil.Artham anartham.
All overs are ill, but over the water and over the hill. / Extremes are ever bad.Athi sarvathra varjayel.
Soon ripe, soon rotten.Athibuddhikku alpaayuss.
A blythe heart makes a blooming visage. / A clear conscience can bear any trouble. / A good conscience needs never sneak.Athikramam cheythaal paribhramam undaam.
Grasp all, lose all. / Many go out for wool and come home shorn. / Much would have more and lost all.Athimoham chakram chavittum.
After dinner, sit a while; after supper walk a mile.Aththaazham undaal ara kaatham nadakkanam, muththaazhamenkil mullelum shayikkanam.
Too much of anything is good for nothing.Athyaagrahaadikal aapadaam aaspadam.
I was well, would be better, took physic and died.Athyaashakku anartham.
Like a dog in the manger, you will not eat yourself nor let the horse eat.Chaakayumilla kattil ozhikayumilla.
He that lies down with the dogs, must rise with the fleas.Chaanakam chaariyaal chaanakam manakkum, chandanam chaariyaal chandanam manakkum.
He struck at Tib, but down fell Tim. / To shoot at a pigeon and kill a crow.Chakkinu vachathu kokkinu kondu.
The best mirror is an old friend. / There is no better looking glass than an old friend.Changaathi nannenkil kannaadi venda.
When you are at Rome, do as the Romans do.Chera thinnunna naattil chennaal naduthundam thinnanam.
A colt you may break, but an old horse you never can. / Auld sparrows are ill to tame. / Bend tho twig, bend the tree.Cheruppathil kattaal cheruviral kothanam.
An unbidden guest must bring his stood with him. / Come uncalled, sit unserved.Chollathe vannaal unnaathe pokum.
To give a Rowland for an Oliver.Chundanga koduthu vazhuthinanga vaangolla.
A gift horse should not be looked inthe mouth. / Do not look a gift horse in the mouth.Daanam kittiya pashuvinte vaayil pullundo ennu nokkaruthu.
Wrinkled purses make wrinkled faces.Dhanam illaatha purushanum manam illaatha pushpavum shari.
Affectation is at best a deformity. / Misapplied genius generally proves ridiculous.Echu kettiyaal muzhachu irikkum.
The game is not worth the candle.Eereduppaan pen kooli.
After a thrifty father, a prodigal son.Eetta mayan nediyathu chakka maayan thinnum.
He went to shear and came back shorn.Eetteduppaan poyaval eratta pettu.
No fire without smoke. / No joy without alloy. / No joy without annoy. / No rose without a thorn.Eli pidikkum poocha kalavum udakkum.
Burn not your house to fright away the mice.Eliye tholppichu illam chudaruthu.
All men can't be masters. / I, a lady, you a lady, who shall drive the cattle out?. / I stout and thou stout, who shall carry the dirt out?. / There is no accord where every man would be a lord.Ellaarum pallakkeriyaal chumappan aalu vende?
No cross, no crown. / No gains without pains.Ellu muriye panithaal pallu muriye thinnaam.
That is as likely as to see a hog fly.Ennaal annu kaakka malannu parakkum.
Adversity will not last for ever. / Even a fool has his luck. / Every dog has his day. / Every man has his hour.Ente maavum pookkum.
To add fuel to the fire.Eritheeyil enna ozhichathu pole.
When bread is wanting, oaten cakes are excellent.Gathi kettaal puli pullum thinnum.
One general mark of an impostor is that he outdoes the original.Gurukkal ninnu paathiyaal shishyar nadannu paathum.
It is hard to live in Rome and strive against the Pope.Hiranya naattil chennaal hiranyaaya nama.
An old head on young shoulders.Innale peytha mazhaykku innu kurutha thakara.
Never leave that till to-morrow which you can do to-day.Innathe pani naaleykku vaykkaruthu.
Give a dog an ill name and you may as well hang him.Innirunnu naale marichaalum nalla peru parayikkenam.
Nothing stake, nothing draw. / You may lose a fly to catch a trout.Ira ittaale meen pidikkaavoo.
Learn to creep before you run.Irikkum mumpe kaal neettallu.
Between two stools fail to the ground.Iru thoniyil kaalu vachaal vellathil kidakkum.
Labour has a bitter root but a sweet fruit. / No sweat, no sweet.Irunnundavan ruchiyariyaa, kilachundavan ruchiyariyum.
A broken-friendship may be soldered but will never be sound. / Friendship once injured is for ever lost.Ishtam murinjaal ottaan prayaasam.
Faults are thick where love is thin. / Love sees no faults. / When a man is not liked, whatever he doth is amiss. / Where love fails, we espy faults. / Where there is no love, all are faults.Ishtamillaatha achi thottathellaam kuttam.
Crooked by nature, is never made straight by education. / What is bread in the bone, cannot go out of flesh.Jaathyaalullathu thoothaal pokumo?
Crows are never the whiter for washing themselves.Kaakka kulichaal kokkaakumo?
All your geese are swans. / Every cook praises his own stew. / Every crow things her own bird the fairest. / Every man things his own geese swans. / Right, Roger, your sow is good mutton. / The Crow thinks her own bird fairest. / The owl thinks all her young ones beauties.Kaakkaykkum than kunju pon kunju.
Time tries all.Kaalam poloru guruvilla.
Idleness is hunger's mother.Kaalathoru madi madichaal anthikkoru pashi pashikkum.
Let not the tongue pitter what the head must pay for. / Who says what he likes shall hear what he does not like. / Who spits against the wind, spits in his own face.Kaattariyaathe thuppiyaal chekidariyaathe kollum.
Make hay while the sun shines.Kaattullappol thoottanam.
Fain would the cat fish eat, but she is both to wet her feet. / He that would catch fish must not mind getting wet.Kai nanayaathe meen pidikkaamo.
Blessings are not valued till they are gone. / Health is not valued till sickness comes. / The cow knows not the value of her tail till she has lost it. / The worth of a thing is best known by the want of it. / We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.Kannullappol kanninte vila ariyilla.
He seeks water in the sea.Karandi mel irunnu karandi thappuka.
Might is right.Kayyookkullavan karyakkaran.
Reynard is still Reynard though he put on a cowl.Kazhutha makkathu poyal hajiyaakumo?
You cannot wash a blackamoor white.Kazhuthaye thechaal kuthira aakumo?
High winds blow on high bills. / Regal owners have regal cares.Kazhuthu valiyavanu novum valuthu.
They agree like cats and dogs.Keeriyum paambum pole sneham.
If wishes might prevail, shepherds would be kings.Kidakkunnathu kuppayil, swapnam kaanunnathu machum maalikayum.
If a man once fall, all tread on him.Kinattil veena pannikku kallum kozhiyum thuna.
It is good to strike the serpent's head with your enemy's hand.Kinattinte aazham nokkaan aarante kunjine irakka.
What you can't get is just what suits you.Kittaatha achikku kuttamilla.
No viper so little but hath its venom.Kochu paambu kadichaalum visham illaathirikkilla.
To carry coals to Newcastle.Kollakkudiyil soochi vilkkaruthu.
Man proposes, God disposes.Kothichathu varaa, vidhichathe varoo.
Bacchus hath drowned more men than Neptune. / Drinking water neither makes a man sick, nor in debt, nor his wife a widow.Kudi moolam kulam kedum.
He came safe from the East Indies and was drowned in the Thames. / To escape Cluyd, and be drowned in Cornway. / To escape the rocks, and perish in the sands.Kulathil kidanna thavala kinattil mungi chathu.
Like the dog in the manger, he will neither do, nor let do.Kuntham kodukkayumilla kuthukayumilla.
A bad wound heals, a bad name kills. / An acute word cuts deeper than a sharp weapon. / Sometimes words wound more than swords.Kuntham konda muri porukkum, naavu konda muri porukkayilla.
Barking dogs, never bite. / Beware of a silent dog and still water. / Great barkers are no bitters.Kuraykkunna patti kadikkayilla.
He that would enjoy the fruit, must not gather the flower. / If you would enjoy the fruit, pluck not the flower.Maavu thinnaal paniyaaramilla, pondaattiye thinnaal makkalilla.
He that blows in the dust fills his own eyes. / Spit not against heaven, it will fall back in thy face. / Who casteth a stone on high, casteth on his own head. / Who spits against heaven, spits in his own face.Malarnnu kidannu thuppiyaal maarathu veezhum.
His bark is war nor his bite. / The fear of war is worse than war itself. / Take a vine of a good soil, and a daughter of a good mother. / 'Tis good grafting on a good stock.Manthu kaalante thozhi pole.
The fault of the ass must not be laid pack- saddle.Mattika adichathinu aanikko shiksha.
Speech is silver, silence is gold.Maunam sarvothamam.
Few words are best.Maunam vidwaanu bhooshanam.
They are not all saints that use holy water.Meenine kaanum vare ponmaan sanyaasi.
Fat paunches make lean pates. / Full bellies make empty skulls.Metha mel kidannaal vidya undaakilla.
Be not a baker if your head be of butter. / He that hath a head of wax must not walk in the sun.Mezhuthalayan veyilathirangallu.
All is not gold, that glitters.Minnunnathellaam ponnalla.
Report is worst than reality. / That is a prodigious plaster for so small a sore.Mookinekkaal valiya mukkuthi.
In a country of blind people, the one-eyed man is a king.Mookkillaa raajyathu murimookkan rajavu.
Great sins require great repentance.Moorkhan paampu kadichittu pullil thechaal pokumo?
Bitter pills may have blessed effects.Moothor vaakkum muthu nellikkayum aadyam kaikkum pinne madhurikkum.
The earthen pot must keep clean of the brass kettle.Mullinmel ila veenaalum ilamel mullu veenaalum naasam ilaykku.
He who sows brambles must not go barefoot.Mullu nattaal kaalu sookshikkanam.
Though the wound be healed, the scar remains.Muri poruthaalum kala kidakkum.
Never put off till to-morrow what you can do today.Murippani ittittu poyaal murippaambu kadikkum.
Send not for a hatchet to break open an egg with. / Take not a musket to kill a butterfly.Mutta udakkaan kuruvadi venamo?
Bye and bye is easily said.Naale naale neele neele.
Two cats and a mouse, two wives in one house, two dogs and a bone, never agree in one. / Two of a trade seldom agree.Naalu thala cherum, naalu mula cherilla.
Habit is second nature.Naaya nadukkadalil chennaalum nakkiye kudikkoo.
Idle folks have the least leisure.Naayakku oru velayumilla, ninnu peduppaan neravumilla.
Out of frying pan into the fire. / The thrush, avoiding the trap, fell into bird lime.Naayaye pedichu odeettu nariyude vaayil.
Victory is gained by caution.Nayashaali aayaal jayashaali aakum.
Speak the truth and shame the devil.Neru paranjaal nerathe pokam.
Sit in your place, and none can make you rise.Nilaykku ninnaal malaykku samam.
Shallow waters make moist din. / The empty vessel makes the greatest sound.Nirakudam thulumbilla. Arakkudam thulumbam.
We hounds killed the hare, quoth the lap dog.Njaanu muthalechanum koodi kaalaye pidichennu thavala.
Danger past, God forgotten. / When the sea is crossed, the saint is forgotten.Paalam kadakkuvolam narayana narayana, paalam kadannaal kooraayana kooraayana.
Unruffled minds enjoy a sweet repose.Paalam kulungiyaalum kelan kulungilla.
Bettor the harm I know than that I know not.Paambum pazhakiyathu nannu.
He who is born in misfortune stumbles as he goes; and though he fall on his back, will fracture his nose.Paapi chellunnidam paathaalam.
He leapt into a deep river to avoid a shallow brook.Pada pedichu panthalathu chennappol pantham koluthi pada.
If wise men play the fool, they do it with a vengeance.Padicha bhoshan vidu bhoshan.
Ill weeds grow apace.Padu mulaykku valam vendaa.
Nothing is so secret, but time and truth will reveal it.Pala naal kallan oru naal pettu.
Drop by drop the ocean is filled.Pala thulli peruvellam.
Everybody's business is nobody's business. / Many dressers put the bride's dress out of order. / Money cooks ne'er made gude kail. / The common horse is worst shod. / Too many cooks spoil the broth. / What is every man's business (duty) is no man's business (duty).Palar koodiyaal paambu chaakilla.
A full purse makes the mouth to speak. / An empty purse fills the face with wrinkles. / I not well how the world wags, he is most loved that hath most bags. / Now I have a sheep and a cow, everybody bids me good morrow. / Now I have got an ewe and a lamb, every one cries 'welcome, Peter.Panathinu meethe parunthum parakkilla.
He who spends on another, dines ill and sups worse. / Unfortunate is he who depends on the favours of another.Paraannam parama sankadam.
Hunger finds no fault with the cookery. / Hunger makes raw beans relish well.pashikkumbol achi pashukkayarum thinnum.
Trust in God and keep your powder dry.Pashu kuthaan varumbol panchaaksharam othiyaal pora.
He steals a goose and gives the giblets in alms. / Sin steals the horse and carries home the bridle honestly. / Steal a pig and give the trotters for God's sake.Pashuvine konnechu cheruppu daanam cheythu.
Come ne'er to the counsel unca'd. / Meddle not with that which concerns you not.Pattarkkenthaa padayil kaaryam.
Rome was not built in a day.Payye thinnaal panayum thinnaam.
Marry in haste and repent at leisure.Pennu ketti, kannu ketti.
Certain good should never be relinquished for uncertain hopes.Pidichathine vittu parakkunnathin vazhiye paayaruthu.
Am empty purse and a new horse make a wise man too late. / Everybody is wise after the event.Pondathu poye vendathu thonnoo.
New brooms sweep clean.Puthan achi purappuram thookkum.
Application in youth makes old age comfortable. / For age and want save while you may, no morning sun lasts a whole day. / In youth and strength, think of age and weakness. / Make provision for want in time of plenty. / Spare when you are young, spend when you are old. / Spend the day well and you will be able to rejoice at night.Sampathu kalathu thai pathu vachaal aapathu kaalathu kaa pathu thinnaam.
Ask my companion if I am a thief.Samsargajaa dosha guna bhavanthi.
Prepare for sickness in the day of health and for old age in thy youth. / Waste not, want not.Sookshichaal dukhikkenda.
It is not the cowl that makes the friar. / The habit does not make the priest. / 'Tis not the habit that makes the monk.Thaadi neettiyaal sanyaasi aakumo?
Harm set, harm get. / He falls into the pit, who leads another into it. / Subtility set a trap and caught itself. / The biter is sometimes bit. / They had thought to have put others into a sleeve and they are put in themselves.Thaan kuzhicha kuzhiyil thaan thanne veezhum.
God helps those who help themselves.Thaan paathi daivam paathi.
The kick of the dam hurts not the colt.Thalla kozhi chavuttiyitu kunjan kozhi chaakayilla.
If the mother had never been in the oven, she would not have looked for her daughter there.Thalla thadi vazhi enkil pilla elachil vazhi.
Orthodoxy is my doxy and heterodoxy is another man's doxy.Thannishtam ponnishtam, aaraanteyishtam vimmishtam.
My son's my son till he hath got him a wife, but my daughter's my daughter all the days of her life.Thante ammakku thavididikkathilaa, aaraanteyammakku irumbidikkum.
If you trust before you try, you repent before you die. / Keep good men's company and you shall be of the number. / Prove a friend before you seek him. / Tell me the company you keep and I'll tell you what you are.Tharam arinju changaathameranam.
If the child cries, let the mother hush it, and if it will not be hushed, she must let it cry.Thelichathile nadakkaanjaal nadannathile thelikka.
When Peter is in Paul is out.Thomman ayayumbol Chandy murukum.
He that handles pitch shall foul his fingers. / Touch pitch and you will be defiled. / He that strikes with his tongue, must-ward with his head. / When the demand is a jest, the fittest answer is a scoff.Thooriyone chumannaal chumannone naarum.
God arms the harmless.Thunayillathavarkku daivam thuna.
Prevention is better than cure.Ulakka vizhungi chukkuvellam kudichaal dahanam varumo?
But one egg and that addled.Ulla kanjiyilum paata veenu.
Patience and perseverance will overcome mountains. / Stone by stone, the mountain is leveled.Ulsaaham undenkil oonanum ookkanaakaam.
He that hath no money, needeth no purse.Unangiyathu kondu ennam kurayumo?
Cast no dirt into the well that gives you water. / Render not evil for good.Unda choril kallidaruthu.
He that is warm thinks all are so. / Little knows the fat sow what the lean one means. / The full belly does not believe in hunger.Undavanariyumo unnaathavante vishappu.
One many may lead a horse to water but twenty cannot make him drink. / You may force a man to shut his eyes but not to sleep.Unthi kayattiyaal oori pokum.
By art and deceit men live half a year ; and by deceit and art the other half.Upaayam kondu kashaayam vaykkuka.
The kiln calls the oven burnt house.Ural maddalathe kuttam praka.
In at one ear and out at the other.Vaalallaathathellaam alayilaayi.
Lose nothing for asking.Vaanaal pathu plaavu, poyaal pathu kuru.
The Cobbler's wife goes the worst shod. / The smith's mayor and the cobbler's wife are always the worst shod.Vaidyante amma puzhuthe chaakoo.
One good head is better than several hands.Vallabhanu pullum aayudham
Fancy may blot bran and think it flour.Vallaval vachaalum nallaval vilambanam.
Fat house-keepers make lean executors.Varavuchelavariyaathe maadambi chamanjaal irulu velivillathe vazhiyil kidakkaam.
Between the hand and the lip the morsel may slip. / There was a wife that kept her supper for her break--fast and she was dead ere day. / There's many a slip 'twixt the cup and the lip.Varum vidhi vanathilirunnaalum varum.
Fools grow without watering.Vashalanu valaraan valam venda.
Music helps not the toothache.Vedam arinjaalum vedana vidaa.
Of an ill-pay-master get what you can, though it be but a straw.Vekunna puraykku oorunna kazhukkol aadaayam.
Who shall keep the keepers.Veli thanne vilavu thinnaalo?
More know Tom Fool than Tom Fool knows.Velichappaadine ellaarum ariyum, velichappaadu aareyum ariyilla.
All between the cradle and the coffin is uncertain.Vellathile othalangaa pole.
Nothing is impossible to a winning mind. / To him that wills, the way is seldom wanting. / Where there is a will there is a way.Venamenkil chakka verilum kaaykkum.
Look not for musk in a dog kennel.Verukin prushtavum naayin prushtavum orupoleyo?
Ill got, ill spent.Veruthe kittiyathu veruthe poyi.
Wisdom is better than riches.Vidyadhanam sarvadhanaal pradhaanam.
After death, the doctor.Visham theendiyavan chathappol vishahaari ethi.
Hungry dogs will eat dirty puddings.Vishappinu kari venda, urakkinu paay venda.
Confide not in him who has once deceived you. / It is a base thing to betry a man because he trusted you.Viswasichone chathikkolla, chathichone viswasikkolla.
Like master, like man. / Like priest, like people.Yadha raja thadhaa praja.

Latin Phrases & Proverbs

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