Adjectives can be formed from nouns and verbs in English by adding a suitable suffix. For example the adjectival form of ‘joy’ can be formed by adding the suffix ‘ful’ to it. Thus it becomes ‘joyful’. Sometimes it can be a little harder when we have to remove a few letters and then add a suffix. So when it comes to ‘beauty’, we have to replace the ‘y’ with an ‘i’ and then add the suffix ‘ful’. There are also independent adjectives that stand apart and are not formed by adding suffixes.

The following is a list of suffixes that are added to nouns and verbs to make adjectives. Examples on adjective formation are also included.

ablefashionable, achievable, miserable
altraditional, national, educational
arycustomary, disciplinary
edbearded, dignified
fulharmful, thoughtful
ibledigestible, corruptible
icbeaureaucratic, atomic
ingpleasing, charming
ishchildish, feverish
iveattractive, creative
lessworthless, hopeless
likechildlike, machine-like
lyfatherly, friendly
ousadventurous, courageous
sometroublesome, fearsome
worthynoteworthy, trustworthy
ygloomy, cloudy

List of Independent Adjectives

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