Etymology of Vegetable Names: Interesting Stories

Word origins of vegetables occasionally have intriguing stories associated with them. It is interesting to see how most of these vegetable names refer to shape, colour, and taste. Some such references are obvious as in the case of drumstick. Others have their origins in languages like Latin, Spanish, and French. As a result, the original

Yiddish Words in English

A wide array of Yiddish words and expressions embellish the English language today. These are often referred to as Yiddish borrowings or Yiddish loan words in English. Most of the Yiddish words and expressions were borrowed into English from the Jewish communities in America, ‘the great melting pot of cultures’. A number of Yiddish words

Indian Words in English Explained

Indian words in English, popularly known as Anglo-Indian words, form a major category among the foreign words in English Language. Most of the Indian words in English crept into the English language during the British rule of India. These Indian words reflect the cultural diversity of India and are from different languages. Indian words in

The Story of Silver

There is no direct connection between Arjuna, the warrior and the Latin American country Argentina. But it is interesting to see how they are connected by silver. It is common knowledge that the symbol for silver in the periodic table is Ag. It is an abbreviation of the Latin word for silver ‘Argentum’. Scholars have

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