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Keeping Quiet by Pablo Neruda: Summary and Analysis

Here is a summary and analysis of Pablo Neruda’s ‘Keeping Quiet’, a magnificent poem that makes the readers stop and think for a while. ‘Keeping Quiet’ by Pablo Neruda is a deceptively simple poem about the need for a little bit of soul-searching which may help us make peace with ourselves and others. It tells us

Sunrise on the Hills by H. W. Longfellow: Summary and Analysis

Here is a summary, analysis, and review of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s Sunrise on the Hills, a romantic poem on the soothing effect of nature’s sights and sounds. ‘Sunrise on the Hills’ by H.W Longfellow is a celebration of the healing power of nature. The poet muses upon the morning sun shining on the woods and hills,

Poetry Review: Middle Age by Kamala Das

Kamala Das’s ‘Middle Age’ is a deeply touching poem about the agonies of a mother. It reveals how shockingly painful it can be when you are neglected by your own children. The speaker of the poem is a mother . She thinks about her adolescent son who has come out of the cocoon of her

The Road not Taken by Robert Frost: Summary and Analysis

Here is a summary and analysis of ‘The Road not Taken’ by Robert Frost, the celebrated poem on making choices in life. Robert Frost’s The Road not Taken is a beautiful poem about making choices in life. It discusses the very common situation of coming to the crossroads and not knowing which way to choose. Like

How to Analyse a Poem: Writing Poetry Reviews

How do you analyse a poem? There is a common notion that writing poetry reviews is for intellectual geniuses and critics alone. But the fact is that anybody who can read and enjoy a poem can write a very nice poetry review. The first step in analysing a poem is to read it many times. Reading some

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