Professions, jobs, and occupations were so limited in scope in the olden days. During the times of Geoffrey Chaucer, there were even professional organisations which even determined who could practice a craft or trade. Thus, in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, we see the five guildsmen. The weaver, the dyer, the tapestry-maker, the haberdasher and the carpenter travel together as members of the same fraternity.

As new jobs and occupations came up to meet the demands of the modern world, we have forgotten the names of many traditional jobs, trades, and professions. Here is a list of words that denote the different jobs and occupations. Search a word to get all the related words.

Name of ProfessionWho he/she is
Acrobatone who performs daring gymnastic feats
Admiralcommander of a fleet
Archaeologistone who is interested in pre-historic remains and ancient buildings
Architectone who plans and draws the designs of buildings, and superintends their construction
Astrologerone who foretells events through a study of the stars
Astronomerone who studies the stars
Aviator or pilotone who directs the course ofan aeroplane
Brazierone who works in brass
Cartographerone who draws maps
Chandlerone who makes or sells candles
Chauffeurone who drives a motor car
Collierone who works in a coal mine
Compositorone who sets type in a printing press
Confectionerone who sells sweets and pastries
Conjuror or jugglerone who performs tricks by sleight of hand
Curatorperson in charge of a museum
Cutlerone who makes or deals in cutting instruments like knives
Dentistone who attends to the teeth
Draperone who deals in cloths and other fabrics
Druggist or pharmacistone who compounds or sells drugs
Farrierone who shoes horses
Fishmongerone who deals in fish
Floristone who deals in flowers
Fruitererone who deals in fruits
Geologistone who studies rocks and soils
Glazierone who sets glass in windows, doors etc.
Grazierone who pastures cattle for the market
Haberdasherone who sells small articles such as ribbons,laces, thread etc.
Hawker or pedlarone who travels from place to place selling miscellaneous articles
Invigilatorone who watches over students taking an exaniination
Ironmongerone who deals in iron or hardware
Jockeyprofessional rider in horse races
Journalist or correspondent or reporterone who writes for a newspaper
Lapidary or lapidistone who cuts precious stones
Librarianperson in charge of a library
Millinerone who makes and sells ladies' hats etc.
Navvyone who is employed as a labourer to do excavating work
Oculistone who attends to the diseases of the eyes
Opticianone who tests eyesight and sells spectacles
Pawnbrokerone who lends money and keeps goods as security
Philatelistone who collects postage stamps
Physicianone who attends to sick people and prescribes medicines
Plumberone who works in lead, especially mending water pipes
Potterone who makes pots, cups etc.
Purserofficer in charge of the stores, provisions and accounts on a ship
Sculptorone who carves in marble or stone
Shoemaker or cobblerone who makes or mends shoes
Stationerone who sells paper, ink, pens and writing materials
Stevedoreone who loads and unloads ships
Stokerone who attends to the fire ofa steam-engine
Surgeonone who treats diseases by performing operations
Tinkerone who goes from place to place mending pots, pans, etc.
Undertakerone who manages funerals
Upholstererone who makes and sells cushions, chair covers, car seats etc.
Usurerone who lends money at exorbitant rates
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