“Amor Vincit Omnia,” so goes the ambiguous inscription on the brooch worn by Chaucer’s Prioress in ‘The Canterbury Tales.’  It means “Love Conquers All.” Love has the power to conquer even the hardest of minds. But it requires great linguistic skill to write an enchanting love letter. As Mark Twain says, “The frankest and freest and privatest product of the human heart and mind is a love letter.” In this way it becomes the most intimate form of  literature.

Love letters for different professions

Let us examine how a person’s profession can influence the way he opens his heart to his sweetheart. A cardiologist would say, “I have lost my heart to you.” But if your lover says, “You have stolen my heart”, you have to be a little cautious. In all probability he is a thief. Here are some other expressions taken from love letters of different professions:

  • Athlete:  “Your sight makes my heart leap up with joy”
  • Driver: “You really drive me mad”
  • Glutton: “My love for you is all-consuming”
  • Miner: “I love you from the depths of my heart” or “You are dynamite.”
  • Priest: “You are an angel”
  • Sailor: “My love for you is unfathomable.”
  • Saint: “You are the answer to my prayers”
  • Shoe shiner: “You add sparkle to my life”
  • Soldier: “I would lay down my life for you.”
  • Undertaker: “I will love you to my last breath”
  • Watch mender: “My love for you is timeless.”

Now you know know how to write a love letter that will suit your profession. Don’t you?

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