Homophones are words that sound alike, but are different in spelling and meaning. English is a crazy language where one word can have different meanings and different words can be pronounced alike. This craziness is most evident in English Homophones.

Examples of English homophones

The following riddle offers an interesting example of the use of homophones:

Anyone who has read Shakespeare’s Macbeth will never forget the Three Witches, with their chappy fingers, skinny lips and beards. But what if you happen to see them all together? Will you be able to recognize each one of them?

Oh! No. You won’t be able to say which witch is which.

Meaning of the word homophone

The word ‘homophone’ is formed by combining Greek words homos which means ‘same’ and phone which means ‘sound’. So a homophone is “a word pronounced the same as another.”

Here is an extensive list of Homophones in English. Search a word to find other words that are pronounced alike.

More Homophone Riddles

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