Collective nouns are words that denote a group of animals, birds, persons or things. Such words are often called group terms or nouns of assembly. English has a bewildering variety of strange-looking collective nouns. Familiarity with such collective nouns in English can surely make our speech and writing sound better and more elegant.

List of Collective Nouns & Group Words in English

The following is an elaborate list of collective nouns and group words in English. Search the name of an animal, bird, or object to find the corresponding collective noun.

Collective NounDenoting Group
A baleof cotton, wool
A bandof musicians, robbers
A batchof loaves (baked together)
A battalionof soldiers
A batteryof guns
A beamof rays
A benchof judges
A bevyof girls, ladies, swans
A bloatof hippopotami
A blockof flats
A boardof directors, trustees, examiners
A bouquetof flowers
A broodof chickens (hatched at the same time)
A budgetof letters, news
A bunchof flowers, grapes, keys, plantains
A bundleof clothes, hay, sticks
A caravanof merchants, pilgrims, travellers
A cargoof goods
A carillonof bells
A catchof fishes (taken in a net)
A centuryof inventions, runs, sonnets, years
A chainof events, mountains
A choirof angels, singers
A classof persons, students
A cliqueof schemers
A cloudof locusts
A clumpof trees
A clusterof grapes, islands, nuts, stars, rings
A clutchof eggs
A codeof laws
A collectionof coins, curiosities, relics, stamps
A colonyof people, ants, badgers, beavers, penguins, rabbits, rats, seals, frogs, gulls, vultures
A commonwealthof nations
A companyof actors, merchants, shareholders, soldiers
A concourseof people
A congressof delegates, representatives
A consignmentof goods
A constellationof stars
A corpsof volunteers
A councilof advisers
A courseof events, lectures
A coveyof partridges (flying together)
A crewof sailors
A crowdof people (in the street)
A curriculumof studies
A driftof hogs
A droveof cattle (when driven)
A dynastyof kings, rulers
A faggotof sticks, twigs
A fallof leaves, rain, snow
A familyof sardines
A fellof hair
A fleetof cars, ships
A flightof aircrafts, arrows, bees, birds, insects, locusts, stairs, steps
A flockof chickens, geese, sheep, birds
A flotillaof boats, ships
A forestof trees
A gaggleof geese
A galaxyof beauties, stars
A galleryof paintings, pictures
A gangof convicts, prisoners, robbers, thieves, workmen
A garlandof flowers
A genusof animals, plants
A groupof figures (in a picture), islands, people
A groveof trees
A haulof fishes (taken in a net)
A heapof ruins, sand, stones
A herdof cattle, deer, swine, antelope, boar, buffalo, chamois, chinchillas, donkeys, elephants, elk, giraffes, gnus, goats, hippopotami, horses, kangaroos, llamas, moose, oxen, pigs, seals, swans, walruses, whales, yaks, zebras(when pasturing or driven together)
A hiveof bees
A hoardof gold, jewels
A hordeof barbarians, savages
A hostof angels
A leagueof powers, states
A leashof hares, hounds
A legionof soldiers
A libraryof books
A litterof puppies, kittens, piglings (brought forth at one birth)
A lockof hair
A massof clouds, ruins
A menagerieof wild animals
A mobof people (in a riot)
A multitudeof people
A murderof crows
A musterof peacocks, troops
An albumof photos, paintings, snap-shots, stamps
An ambushof tigers
An anthologyof poems
An armyof soldiers, ants
An assemblyof members, people gathered together for some common purpose
A nestof ants
An orchestraof musicians
A nosegayof flowers
An outfitof clothes
A packof asses, hounds, playing-cards, wolves
A panelof judges, jury-men
A paradeof soldiers
A partyof musicians, people, friends
A patrolof scouts, soldiers
A pencilof rays
A pileof arms, bricks, stones, wood
A posseof constables, police-men (called to quell a riot)
A posyof flowers
A poultryof fowls, ducks etc.
A queueof people, voters
A quiverof arrows
A rabbleof people (in a rowdy scene)
A rangeofhills, mountains
A regimentof soldiers
A ropeof pearls
A rowof athletes, chairs, trees
A schoolof porpoises, whales
A seriesof events
A setof tools
A sheafof arrows, corn-stalks, paper
A shoalof fishes
A shockof hair
A showerof arrows, bullets, rain, stones
A sleuthof bears
A societypeople gathered together for some common purpose
A squadof soldiers
A squadronof ships, soldiers
A stackof arms, corn, hay, wood (piled together)
A staffof officials, servants, teachers
A stockof goods
A stringof camels
A suitof clothes
A suiteof apartments, furniture, rooms
A swarmof ants, bees, flies, locusts
A syndicateof businessmen, councillors
A teamof horses, players, oxen (harnessed together)
A throngof people
A trainof carriages, followers, waggons
A tribeof aborigines, people
A troopof lions, monkeys, scouts, soldiers
A troupeof actors, artistes, dancers
A tuftof grass, hair
Audiencepeople at a lecture or concert
A volleyof shots, bullets
A wreathof flowers
Congregationpeople in a church, mosque or temple
Spectatorspeople at a match, tournament, etc.
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