Making anagrams of famous names can be a very funny exercise for learners of English. Celebrity names often become really amusing when the letters are rearranged to give them a new meaning. Anagrams of celebrity names become all the more interesting when the newly coined term reflect the funny side of the personality involved.

It is interesting to see how anagrams can throw light into the different aspects of the same personality. Everyone knows that Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, means ‘Dream and Iron’ to the whole nation. But the funny side comes into play when the same name is rearranged as ‘Married and No’. If so, why was T. S. Eliot named with an anagram of ‘toilets’?

Now read and enjoy the following list of anagrams derived from famous names.

CelebrityAnagram of Name
Adam SandlerReal damn sad.
Adolf HitlerHated for ill. / Do real filth.
Albert EinsteinLiberate tennis.
Alec GuinnessGenuine class.
Amelia EarhartMalaria heater.
Ann CoulterUnclean rot.
Anthony KiedisStinky hen kids.
Antonio BanderasBandana sorter.
Avril LavigneGrave villain.
Babe RuthBub hater.
Barack ObamaArab cab amok.
Beyoncé KnowlesCowboy’s kennel.
Bill GatesI'll stab leg. / Get ill abs.
Bill MurrayBurly male.
Bill Nye The Science GuyIntensely huge bicycle.
Billy CorganLyrical bong.
Brad PittBit part.
Brad RoweWardrobe.
Brenda LeeReenabled.
Britney SpearsPresbyterians.
Carl MathieuRheumatical.
Cecil B DemilleEcch! millipede!
Chad KroegerOrchard geek.
Chairman MaoI am on a march.
Channing TatumCunning at math.
Charile ChaplinChinchilla pear.
Charlie BrownBar clown heir.
Christian BaleAnarchist bile.
Christopher WalkenCrank the lower hips!
Ciint EastwoodOld west action.
David SchwimmerShave me radish, ma.
Diane KeatonKinda ate one.
DisraeliI lead, Sir.
Dwayne JohnsonEnjoys own hand.
Eric ClaptonNarcoleptic.
Ernest HemingwayMy thinner sewage.
Florence NightingaleFlit on, cheering angel.
George BushHe bugs gore.
George ClooneyCool glue yell.
Hulk HoganLaugh honk.
Indira GandhiHi, grand india.
James GandolfiniInflamed gonad.
Jason StathamSatan shot jam.
Jennifer AnistonFine in torn jeans.
Jodie FosterRodeo jester.
Julius CaesarCasual juries.
Justin TimberlakeI am a jerk, but listen.
Keira KnightleyGay kinky Hitler.
Kevin FederlineEvil knee finder.
Lance ArmstrongLong arm nectars.
Leonardo DicaprioA periodical donor.
Leornado Da VinciDid color in a nave. / Acrid vain noodle.
Liam NeesonInsane mole.
Lionel MessiMillions see.
Margaret ThatcherThat great charmer.
Marilyn MansonManly man? no sir! / Mom rails nanny.
Mario BataliAirmail boat.
Martin ScorceseMinor actresses.
Matt DamonDamn tomato.
Maya AngelouAlumnae yoga.
Meg RyanGermany.
Mel GibsonBig melons.
Meryl StreepTry eel sperm.
Michael StipeEmphatic lies.
Michel FoucaultEthical cum foul.
Monica LewinskyNice silky woman.
Morgan FreemanA gnome farmer.
Narendra ModiDream and iron. / Married and no. / Armed and iron.
Neil YoungOnline guy.
Nelson MandelaLean and solemn.
Nicolas CageCocaine slag.
John CusackCoach's junk.
Osama Bin LadenA bad man (no lies).
Pamela AndersonAnal promenades.
Paris HiltonHarlton, i spin.
Patricia ArquetteAquatic reaper tit.
President Boris YeltsinTipsiness - done terribly.
President George BushHe, biggest rude person.
Ray LiottaTotal liar.
Roman PolanskiSpank monorail.
Ronald Wilson ReaganA long-insane warlord.
Rowan Sebastian AtkinsonI, an artist, so known as bean.
Saddam HusseinHuman's sad side.
Salman RushdieRead, shun islam.
Sandra BullockA round ballsack. / Bad acorn skull.
Scarlett JohanssonJohn let satan cross.
Steve HarveyHas every hat.
Steve IrwinInterviews.
Steve PerryYes, pervert.
Susan OrleanNeuron salsa.
Sylvester StalloneSeverely lost satanist.
Tara LipinskiParasite link.
Ted GrayTragedy.
Theresa MayA steamy her. / Shame at Rye. / Share my tea.
Tim BurtonMinor butt.
Tom CruiseCum stories.
Travis LeeVersatile.
Uma ThurmanMom hunter.
Usain BoltAblutions.
Val KilmerKevin miller.
Verne TroyerNo, never try.
Vin DieselI end lives.
Vladimir PutinA livid prim nut.
Wes AndersonRenowned ass.
William ClintonAn ill clown, I'm it!
William ShakespeareI am a weakish speller. / I'll make a wise phrase. / He's like a lamp, I swear.
Yasmin Le BonMainly bones.
Zora Neale HurstonA zealous Northern.
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