Here is  a speech on ‘The Value of Education.’ It is suitable for juniors, especially for children aged 5-10.

Distinguished guests, my dear teachers, and dear friends,

Every little face I can see here came into this world, trailing clouds of glory from heaven. And suddenly the little angel finds himself filled with doubts, fears and confusion.

Education is what removes our doubts and fears; what makes us happy and peaceful; what makes us better human beings. The teacher comes, removes the darkness and suddenly we find how beautiful this world is. And experience is often our best teacher.

But gaining knowledge alone doesn’t make one educated. Education is complete only when we learn how to live, how to hope, how to pray and how to behave to others.

Once a man was walking in the desert when a voice called him and said, “Pick up some pebbles and put them in your pocket, and tomorrow you will be both sorry and glad.”

The man obeyed and the next morning when he reached into his pocket, he found diamonds and rubies and emeralds. And he was both glad and sorry. Glad that he had taken some – sorry that he hadn’t taken more. The same is true with education.

So my dear friends let us not forget the value of education so that we won’t feel sorry tomorrow.

Thank you.

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